Well I didn’t really expect my first blog to be such a serious one, but I feel it’s important…

I realise that this may be a time of heightened anxiety and therefore I just wanted to say there is no need to panic and contingency plans are in place 😊

At present face to face counselling sessions are continuing until otherwise advised however over the next few weeks things might change so other options will be available…

  • Telephone counselling sessions.
  • Online counselling using a secure platform.
  • Payments can be made by bank transfer.

Sessions will continue to be available for as long as you need them.

Why continue therapy at this time you may ask?

  • You will still need emotional support, regardless of what’s going on outside.
  • The things that brought you to therapy will still be there and we can continue working together on them.
  • Being isolated has its own emotional challenges… and I’m here to work with you through them.
  • This may be your worst nightmare… like a perpetual Xmas or school holiday stuck indoors with family where you can’t step out for a breather… and I’ll be there to talk things through!
  • This might trigger (health) anxieties… and you may need to talk these through.

Either way, I’ll continue to be available for all my current clients. And if you’re not a current client and are stuck indoors and finding health anxieties or other worries tough to deal with then I’m also offering one-off / single therapy sessions online or via the phone for the duration of whatever lies ahead.

We’ve got this! 💪🏾                                             

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